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We, bloggers, are regular citizens from Madrid, passionate about innovative technologies, sustainable mobility, circular economy and energy efficiency. We realized that data is all around us in our daily lives, so why not apply it to cities?

We decided to create this blog to gather articles, innovations and information about the rise of Smart Cities. We believe there are many roads to the future and Smart Cities is one of them.

Urban areas are getting crowded, space and clean air will be missing in the next decades. Cities make up 2% of the worlds surface and host 55% of its population. The population increase in these areas will make it unfeasible to live in a healthy environment. Smart cities are forward thinkers in a way to address the shift of population in cities, as these innovative places will enhance the quality of work, study and social relations.

Some of the key smart cities in the world right now are Singapore and San Francisco. What makes these cities so unique is the fact that they are trying to solve problems that haven’t been addressed yet. One major issue that is arising in large metropolitan cities is parking. In the city of San Francisco, the municipality is installing sensors around the city so that people know where there are free spaces available. Urban farming is being perfected in Singapore so that the city can be self-sustainable for the future by cutting down on imports of food.

We hope to give our readers interesting insights to get to know more about Smart Cities.



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