Smarties is an initiative conducted by 8 students from IE Business School, passionate about innovation connectivity and ofcourse smart cities.

Posts are shared on a “two times a week” basis and will cover various topics such as mobility in the city (including parking), connectivity between hubs, buildings and people, energy efficiency (light, water), sustainability, and waste management.

The objective of this blog is to inform, educate and share knowledge about the cities of the Future. To do so, the authors decided to create this blog, focusing on Smart Cities and their innovations.

Coming from 8 different countries (Belgium, France, India, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, The Netherlands, The USA) allowed them to share ideas and points of view, and they decided to merge their skills to give a better understanding to Smart Cities to everyone.


The key components that make a city a smart and agile are as follows:

  1. Use technology (advanced infrastructure, platforms and services) to provide more efficient urban services
  2. Improve the quality of life of citizens
  3. Develop a new relationship between the government and local companies
  4. Tackle the present and future needs of the city in terms of economic, social and environmental priorities


Smart Cities are not built overnight and their development must undergo distinct stages of maturity that take it from early stages of digitalization to mature engine of transformation and growth.

Finally, one takeaway from building a Smart City is that it involves all the actors and inhabitants, it cannot work with only a few ideas here and there. This is why circular economy is closely linked to the topics covered through this blog, as efficiency is created by connecting both ideologies.

Please feel free to give feedback, react, share and spread the word about Smart Cities, as this blog is based on constant improvement and innovation.


The Smarties