Vote for your favourite smart city from science fiction movies!

Science fiction films can really captivate us with the possibilities of technology. So much so that they often develop a cult following. But which one do you prefer? Which science fiction universe have you dreamed of living in with your significant other? You can now vote for your favourite smart city from science fiction! Just choose your favourite among the most famous sci-fi locations we’ve collected below:

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About the options:

Coruscant (Star Wars): The capital of The Republic from the Star Wars universe and the seat of the Jedi Temple, is almost a staple in Star Wars movies and video games. Its sprawling skyscrapers are a typical depiction of futuristic cities.
Did you Know? Coruscant releases unimaginable amounts of carbon dioxide and heat energy, so thousands of carbon dioxide reactive atmospheric dampeners were put into place in the upper atmosphere to prevent atmospheric degeneration.

Vulcan (Star Trek): Vulcan is the most famous planet from the Star Trek universe and is home to the advanced Vulcan species and to our beloved Spock.
Did you know? Parts of Vulcan were actually green once upon a time but nuclear warfare and the resulting climate change turned it into a barren world.

The Capitol (Hunger Games): Sure this city was in ruins by the end of the Hunger Games series, but the Capital was a gigantic city with all the wealth concentrated in it with people living incredibly luxurious lives at the cost of the other districts.
Did you know? While designing The Capitol, inspiration was drawn from intimidating Roman buildings.

Xandar (Guardians of the Galaxy):  Xandar is the capital of the intergalactic Nova Empire and was the planet saved by the Guardians of the Galaxy from the evil Ronan.
Did you know? The main city on seen on Xandar is shaped liked the emblem on the comic book hero Nova’s helmet.

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