Why You Should Have A Robot Butler

Robot butlers are already being used in various places. In airports they help travelers to find their gate. In hotels they are used to serve breakfast, deliver mail and translate on the spot. But what makes these devices so promising?


Saudi Arabia recently even granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia. The robot has advanced AI implemented which makes her able to have fluent conversations with humans. She can also recognize faces and in this way build relationships with people. Sophia is a social robot that gathers emotional data and can respond on it accordingly. Check out this video from Tech Insider when she got granted her citizenship.

In the Beverly Hills residence building “Ten Thousand” tenants can use the service of a robot butler named Charley. This robot is included in their monthly rent and can be used without limit. This robot is connected to residents’ smartphone and this way, they can make any request to Charley via their device. From receiving and sending mail to taking their dog out for a walk…


Mark Zuckerberg released a video of his home butler Jarvis, which he describes as a simple AI system implemented in his house. He spent approximately 100 hours to develop this.  Many people are now dreaming to have one in their house. Definitely check out his presentation of Jarvis.


Robot butlers are already being used in places like airports, hotels and some luxury residences. One thing is sure, soon we will have them moving around in our houses. They will play a big role in our future service economy and will make our lives very comfortable.



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