One of the main characteristics of a smart city is smart transit. I’m sure this is no news for most of you. But what is smart transit?

Smart transit means transportation which is easy-to-use and which gets the job done efficiently, while showing “intelligence”. Let’s introduce an example.

Imagine a world with driverless cars. Think about all the benefits it would have. The first one that comes to the smarties’ minds is overnight travels: how easy would it be to go on a road trip with your friends without wasting time and money on dirty motels? What if your car could drive you at night, safely, to your destination? Pretty cool huh?

And No! That’s not it!.

Imagine you are invited to the best party of the year, but you are the only one amongst your friends who’s got a car. How unfortunate…


But what if you had a driverless car that could drive you back home safe and sound (and drunk)? You wouldn’t waste money on cabs’ fees and at the same time you wouldn’t have to go get back your car the next morning! And this means having more time to crawl in bed and  figure out how to recover from the night before. We suggest painkillers for the headache and something for the nausea too.

Now stop imagining. What if we told you that something like that could actually exist?

There’s one organization which is helping lead the world’s journey to smart transit: 2getthere. It is an innovative Dutch company that develops automated transit systems.

They produce two types of vehicles (private transport vehicles and group transport vehicles) that are controlled using their TOMS supervisory tool. This supervisory tool employs IoT technology to efficiently schedule and execute transport orders. So not only have they implemented AI into their vehicles, but also IoT into their transport networks. As result, passengers gain a level of convenience never seen before. Crazy, right?

And if we were not convincing enough…

An example of their success is the Bluewaters Island project in Dubai, where they installed their group transport vehicles to carry passengers to and from the island with the world’s largest observation wheel. This is a part of Dubai’s vision 2030 project.


Image: An example of an automated group transport vehicle used in the Bluewaters Island project.

Companies like 2getthere show that we are making progress towards achieving our goal of one day living in smart cities. It also shows the rapid spread of AI and IoT technology in today’s world.

For more information, you can check out their website. They will also be available to interact with at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017! Don’t miss it.

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